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Ancestral Healing Workshop

Studio Kreuzberg
Sarah J.
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Ancestral & Holistic Healing

Have you ever felt an emotion that didn't feel like your own? Did you observe a repetitive pattern of behaviour or events in your life or even throughout your family line? Are you curious to know more about intergenerational inherited patterns or stories that are affecting your life on a daily basis? Do you feel stuck with a certain topic in your life or are you simply curious to connect to your ancestral lineage?

Ancestral healing refers to the process of healing past stories, repetitive behaviour patterns and old beliefs passed down from previous generations in a person's family line. To look into it can release these non beneficial or challenging dynamics you are dealing with in your life and create a positive impact for your future- and future generations.

Reconnecting to your roots can have a great impact on abundance issues (stepping into your own power, establishing nourishing relationships, financial abundance, feeling joy and trust).

Possible ancestral issues:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Difficulty to maintain deep relationships / find the right partner
  • Fertility / birth issues
  • Money and abundance issues
  • Health issues & Addiction
  • Repetitive behaviour patterns
  • Grief, pain

In this workshop you will be led through a guided hypnosis process. You are invited to travel back to your roots, let go of inherited belief-systems and activate the powerful energy that flows through your ancestry line into your system. Hypnosis is usually described as a deep relaxing meditative state in which you can open up to the spheres of your subconscious mind.

What to expect:

From many experiences Sarah observed how important and powerful it can be to acknowledge and value your ancestry; the female and the male roots within you. You will explore ways to connect with ancestors and learn how this connection can help in the healing process. Furthermore you will learn about the importance of breaking the cycle of ancestral trauma and to transform it into healing.

Throughout journaling and meditation you will have the opportunity to reflect on family dynamics and identify patterns and behaviours that may have been passed down.
Learn how to connect through the power & love that is equally being passed on. The motto of this workshop? Heal the past and restore inner faith.

What to expect:

  • Time to journal, reflect and take notes to reflect on your family dynamics and gain insights
  • tap into a deeper sense of inner peace and healing
  • Guided healing hypnosis process
  • Bring awareness through a deep dive into your very own emotions and facilitate the healing process
  • A safe, welcoming and neutral atmosphere
  • Tea, water and all absolute relaxation in our studio
  • Enough time for questions and enjoying a herbal tea in our lounge afterwards

By the end of this workshop you will have a better understanding of the meaning of ancestral healing, a sense of hope, empowerment for creating a positive legacy and a deeper understanding of who you are.

About Sarah

Sarah (www.the-healer-within.com) is a certified hypnosis therapist, intuitive healer and medium in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. With her clairvoyant abilities Sarah accompanies many people in profound transformation processes - to release old wounds, let go of inherited patterns and invite wisdom and healing. With her natural and gentle being Sarah teaches modern spirituality, how to harness the power of the subconscious mind and connect to the ancient knowing within.

As a healer Sarah is certified and trained in systemic family constellation work, kinesiology, hypnosis, past life regression, trauma release, EFT, morphogenetic and shamanic medicine, naturopathy, TCM & acupuncture, chakra healing and cleansing, vinyasa yoga, dance & intuitive movement, Heilpraktikerin, Dipl. sport science.

You can also visit her wonderful hypnosis class every Thursday at Every Damn Day Yoga (starting January 2023, Studio Kreuzberg)

Last but not least:

Come along in comfy clothes and enjoy a cup of tea before or after the workshop. The check-in is opened at least 15 minutes before the special class starts.

Let's meet on the mat!

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is designed for individuals who are curious in exploring their ancestral history and healing from past stories and non beneficial patterns passed down from previous generations. It can also be interesting for people, who don’t necessarily have “complicated” ancestral patterns, however feel that there is something, which needs attention or if you feel stuck with a certain topic in your life, exhausted, drained or powerless.

However, this workshop may not be suitable for individuals who have experienced severe trauma, such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as some of the exercises and discussions may trigger intense emotions. In such cases, it is recommended that these individuals seek professional help from a licensed therapist before participating in the workshop. If you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah beforehand. It is important to note that this workshop is not a substitute for professional therapy or medical treatment.

Das perfekte Geschenk!

Du möchtest jemanden mit diesem Workshop überraschen oder sogar gemeinsam teilnehmen? Dieser Workshop ist ein wirklich nachhaltiges Geschenk mit echtem Mehrwert! Schnapp dir deinen Lieblingsmenschen und plant gemeinsam das neue Jahr!

Workshop-Platz als Gutschein ganz bequem via contact@hale-now.com kaufen und versenden lassen!

“Die beste Investition überhaupt, ist die Investition in dich selbst!''  

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