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Cacao Ceremony: Inner Compass- Sound, Yoga & Journaling EN

Studio Kreuzberg
Anne & Sophie
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Discover Your Inner Compass: Empowering the Journey Within

In the depths of our being lies a guiding force - our inner compass - waiting to lead us towards our true purpose and desires. It is the beacon of our inner why, the connection to our intuition, and the key to unlocking our deepest potential.

Through the hustle and bustle of life, we may lose sight of this inner compass, drifting away from our authentic selves. Yet, within each of us, there exists a powerful reservoir of wisdom that holds the answers we seek.

In this transformative exploration, we embark on a quest to connect with ourselves, to listen to the whispers of our intuition, and to embrace the empowering journey within. As we sip the rich elixir of cacao, we are reminded of the warmth it brings to our hearts, akin to the warmth we feel when we align with our inner guidance.

What to expect:

Join us for a transformative Cacao Ceremony, where we will embark on a journey guided by an in-depth workshop to discover your inner compass, embrace your inner guidance, and connect with your intuition.

During this workshop, we will explore the yogic principles, helping you to uncover your inner voice and align with your true purpose. Additionally, we will integrate valuable therapeutic concepts used in Coaching and behavior therapy to support your personal development and deepen your inner knowledge.

Our intention is to empower you to create the life of your dreams and regain the power to actively design the life you desire. After this Cacao Ceremony, you will feel more clear and open for your path and you will leave with the trust of having your own back, learning to have found and created your own "map" to find your own way being led by what I call your inner compass.

Creating an oasis of Sound, Mantra Chanting, Cacao Ceremony and workshop to fulfill 2.5 hours to retreat yourself and to fill yourself up with relaxation, love and clearance. As we sip the warm elixir of cacao, we invite you to listen to the whispers of your heart and align with your true north - your inner compass:

  • a heart-opening cacao ceremony and plenty of cacao
  • meditation and chanting to connect deeper to your body & mind
  • Inisghts about the Yogic concept of Dharma  
  • Coaching, journaling & CBT Methodologies to find your inner compass (handout included)
  • Group exercises & Sharing circle
  • a sound bath to immerse yourself into the relaxing sound vibrations and access deeper levels of self-awareness
  • a warm atmosphere with a maximum of 25 participants
  • time to enjoy herbal tea and refreshing water in our lounge

About your hosts:

Anne is a 550h certified Vinyasa, Yin, and Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and a certified Sound therapist from Germany. Her transformative journey with yoga and therapy in India and South America has changed her life, inspiring herself to incorporate ancient yoga philosophy and holistic healing teachings into her classes and workshops.

Having lived in South and Latin America for 1.5 years, she is passionate about sharing the sacred plant of Cacao and its healing properties. Creating a safe and supportive space for everyone is her priority, whether it's in her weekly Yoga and Sound healing classes at Hale.Now, yoga retreats, workshops, or cacao ceremonies.

Her focus is on guiding and empowering her students to explore their inner selves, tap into their intuition, and discover their innate wisdom and potential through yoga, sound therapy, and cacao ceremonies.

The power of cacao:

Raw cacao strengthens the connection to your intuition and creativity with its warming and nourishing effects, making it easier to turn your gaze inward. The effects of ceremonial cacao can support you in profound ways, ranging from relaxation to euphoria, aiding in the release of emotional blockades and self-discovery.
Rich in minerals, antioxidants, anandamide, healthy fats, and vitamins, raw cacao boosts your immune system, provides energy, and enhances motivation through dopamine production.

The cacao Anne will be using is 100% pure, fair trade and organic raw cacao from Peru. Having lived in South America for 1.5 years, she is passionate about bringing this sacred plant to Europe and guiding people on their cacao journey.
Cacao ceremonies are incredibly beneficial in workshops focused on self-exploration and personal growth, as they facilitate a deep connection with inner wisdom and foster a greater sense of self-awareness.

Good to know:

As preparation for the ceremony, we recommend abstaining from animal products on this day and avoiding all food and caffeine approximately two hours before the ceremony. Please bring something to write with and come dressed in comfortable clothing. If you like, you can bring your favorite cup and an eye pillow for relaxation.

The program will be conducted in English, and no prior yoga knowledge is required. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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