13:30-16:00 Uhr

Cacao Ceremony: Journey to Abundance & Fulfillment EN

Studio Kreuzberg
Andreia & Jennifer
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What is abundance? 

Abundance" refers to having a plentiful and overflowing quantity of something. It often implies having more than enough of what is needed or desired. The term "abundance" is frequently used, yet its essence is often missed. That is why we will use this cacao ceremony to explore the concept and depth of abundance.

Abundance cannot enter your life until you confront the shadows within. As we enter a deeper phase of this year, we're embracing this opportunity for self-honesty. Through this honesty, clarity emerges, paving the path for genuine abundance.

This workshop aims to nurture a mindset enabling us to draw and manifest abundance across different facets of our lives. This involves resource management and the exploration of growth and fulfillment. Are you ready to discover the essence of abundance, overcome limiting beliefs, and embark on a journey towards genuine fulfillment?

What to expect:

Cacao has a calming effect that makes us think deeply and feel more. When we focus on abundance during a ceremony, we can better understand our thoughts and emotions about it. It's a chance to think about what abundance really is—whether it's about having things, feeling fulfilled, or to find out whatever it is for you!

  • Somatic Movements: Gentle body movements to connect with your body's wisdom
  • Yin Yoga: Calming poses for tension release and insights into abundance
  • Cacao Ritual: Heart-opening cacao ceremony to set intentions for abundance
  • Ecstatic Breath: Breathwork for heightened awareness and new abundance perspectives
  • Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath: Relaxing sound bath for alignment with abundance frequencies
  • Journaling: Reflective writing to clarify thoughts and intentions for abundance
  • Calm, safe and welcoming atmosphere and plenty of cacao

About your hosts:

Andreia holds certifications as a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. Her journey into yoga unfolded years ago when she embarked on her initial Teacher Training Course. Recognizing its innate alignment with her life, Andreia's classes draw inspiration from the interconnected realms of emotions and organs, meridians and elements, as well as chakras and lunar cycles.

On the other hand, Jennifer, a seasoned mindfulness and stress nutrition coach, as well as a trained breathwork facilitator, has dedicated over a decade to supporting more than 700 individuals on a one-on-one basis. Her influence extends through video courses on stress and nutrition, impacting the lives of over 20,000 participants. Passionate about breathwork, Jennifer employs it as a means to explore the subconscious, release limiting beliefs, and cultivate a more enriching existence.

The dynamic collaboration between Jennifer and Andreia offers a holistic approach to well-being. Their motto? Helping you feel your best, inside and out.

The power of cacao:

Raw cacao strengthens the connection to your intuition and creativity with its warming and nourishing effects, making it easier to turn your gaze inward. The effects of ceremonial cacao can support you in profound ways, ranging from relaxation to euphoria, aiding in the release of emotional blockades and self-discovery.
Rich in minerals, antioxidants, anandamide, healthy fats, and vitamins, raw cacao boosts your immune system, provides energy, and enhances motivation through dopamine production.

The cacao used is 100% pure, fair trade and organic raw cacao from Peru. Cacao ceremonies are incredibly beneficial in workshops focused on self-exploration and personal growth, as they facilitate a deep connection with inner wisdom and foster a greater sense of self-awareness.

Good to know:

As preparation for the ceremony, we recommend abstaining from animal products on this day and avoiding all food and caffeine approximately two hours before the ceremony. Please bring something to write with and come dressed in comfortable clothing. If you like, you can bring your favorite cup and an eye pillow for relaxation.

The program will be conducted in English, and no prior yoga knowledge is required. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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