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Season to slow down:

As the seasons progress, summer comes to an end and transitions into autumn. The sunlight, air, and leaves loosen their strength and change their colors—everything becomes softer and slower.

Similarly, within ourselves, we sense the need to transition from the active energy of summer to a more serene state. In this special class, you will be guided through a practice that supports this shift, inviting you to step back, gather the seeds of growth nurtured throughout the year, and cultivate your inner yin essence. Let's embark on a journey from dynamic Yang to nurturing Yin, finding balance and harmony within.

What to expect:

The combination of Yang and Yin practices in a "Yang to Yin Yoga" class offers a comprehensive experience that addresses both the active and quiet aspects of the body and mind. It's a practice that recognizes the dynamic nature of life and aims to find harmony within the contrasts. Through this practice, you'll cultivate balance, resilience, and a profound sense of well-being.

  • Dynamic movement: Engaging Yang sequences to build strength and energy
  • Deep relaxation: Extended Yin poses targeting connective tissues and flexibility
  • Expert guidance: Skilled instructors to lead you through the harmonious flow
  • Slow down and recharge: A sense of balance, restoration, and overall well-being
  • Herbal tea offered before and after class for relaxation and connectionHerbal tea offered before and after class for relaxation and connection

About your host:

Coming from classical dance - ballet, aerobics and Pilates, Annika discovered the power of Yoga over 10 years ago. After being a dedicated student for many year and getting to know a lot of different forms of spiritual practices, such as dynamic Meditation, Breathwork, Cacao-Ceremonies, Mindfulness Training and many more, Annika decided to get even deeper into the Yoga practice by becoming a Yoga Teacher herself. It is her strong believe that only through movement and breathing we reconnect with what already is here within us, but got covered over by so many layers throughout life.

Her teaching style blends dynamism and strength with the gentleness of meditative motion, stillness, and Yin Yoga postures. Her classes, crafted with care and a passion for exploration, cater to all levels, enabling each individual to find their unique path. By cultivating attentive listening and embracing inner growth, Annika empowers her students to reconnect with their inner voice.

Good to know:

Please feel free to come in comfortable clothing. All the other props are in the studio. You are more than welcome to enjoy herbal tea before or after the class in our lounge. The check-in is open 15 minutes before class.

Suitable for:

Suitable for all people who would like to sink deeper within themselves, have at least a basic Yoga practice, are open of letting themselves go and have the courage to meet what ever arises within them with self love.

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