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Invest in your Future-Self:

It’s time for… your SELF! Your future-self.

Getting clear on how you envision your future self is the crux of your overall vision. It serves as the compass that will guide you to living on your own terms and keep you motivated even when things get tough.

In this special class you have the chance to ground yourself and explore who you are truly through yin yoga asanas and guided meditation. This practice will give you time to connect to yourself, your mindset and wishes. The journaling practise will guide you in a particular direction, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings more deeply. This can be helpful especially when you’re looking to connect with your future self and gain clarity on your vision, goals and overall aspirations.

What to expect:

At the core of this class is seeing your future self clearly. This idea will guide you toward living the way you want. When things get tough, thinking about your future self will motivate you, reminding you why you started this journey of change.

  • get to experience different grounding yin yoga asanas
  • a guided meditation to use the power of visualization
  • journaling practise helping you to align with your vision of your (future) self
  • peaceful sounds to sink deeper into your relaxation
  • enjoy some herbal tea before or after the class

About your host:

Hannah, devoted to nurturing holistic well-being, brings experience and a deep passion for holistic living to every yoga mat. Discovering the transformative power of Yin Yoga through her personal journey, she resonates with the values of stillness, patience, and self-care. As a certified Yin Yoga instructor, her expertise goes beyond the physical, leading you on a transformative path into your inner landscape. In her classes, the mat transforms into a canvas for personal growth, and the breath becomes a bridge to synchronize mind, body, and soul.

Good to know:

Please feel free to come in comfortable clothing, bring along your journal or notebook and a pen. IIt is optional to bring socks, an eye pillow to use in your Shavasana. You don’t need to have any pre-experiences in yin yoga and feel free to enjoy some refreshments or herbal tea before and after the class.

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