20. Juli 2024
14:00-15:30 Uhr

Power in Vulnerability - Nervous System Regulation for High-Achieving Women EN

Studio Prenzlauer Berg
Alexandra Wester
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Power of Vulnerability:

In a world that demands perfection and relentless drive, it's easy to lose touch with the essence of who you truly are. If you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, teetering on the edge of burnout, or feeling the weight of exhaustion, it's time to pause and rediscover the vibrant energy within you.

Discover the profound strength in embracing your authentic self with our "Power in Vulnerability" Special Class, facilitated by Alexandra Wester. This unique session is specifically designed for high-achieving women who are navigating the challenges of stress, burnout, and exhaustion.

In this transformative class, you'll be introduced to BBTRS© (Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System), a powerful practice that combines dearmoring tools, deep breathing techniques, and somatic movement. These methods are developed to help you achieve your goals while uncovering the rejuvenating power of your authentic, vulnerable expression.

Why There is Power in Vulnerability:

Vulnerability is often misunderstood as a sign of weakness, but in reality, it is one of the most profound sources of strength a person can access. When you are honest about your struggles and fears, you reclaim your power from them. Acknowledging your vulnerabilities means you are not letting them control you, but rather, you are taking charge of your narrative. It is through vulnerability that we connect deeply with others, grow personally and professionally, and find true empowerment.

What to expect:

Under Alexandra's expert guidance, you will journey through a Biodynamic Breathwork Session that leverages these techniques to foster emotional clarity, deep self-awareness, and inner bliss. In a supportive and confidential environment, this class offers a pathway to reclaim emotional well-being, enhance self-awareness, and experience profound transformation.

  • Somatic Movement: Gentle exercises designed to release physical tension and emotional blocks.
  • Deep Breathing Techniques: Guided breathing exercises to help regulate the nervous system and promote relaxation.
  • Emotional Expression: Creating a safe space for individuals to express and process their emotions, whether through verbal sharing, vocalization, or other expressive activities
  • Sharing Circle: A supportive space to share your experiences and connect with others.
  • Calm & welcoming environment: unwind in the Lounge and Studio of Hale.Now with a maximum of 20 people

About your host:

After a life of huge athletic success but also performance driven sports, competitiveness and personal setbacks, Alexandra decided to leave the highly result oriented world behind and began searching for ways to heal the emotional layers of human physiology.

By discovering the healing and empowering tools of Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release (BBTRS©), Alexandra learned to embody her own deeply rooted emotions as well as guide high achiever women in burn-out through their own journey of embodiment, presence and emotional release using the power of the breath.

Good to know:

BBTRS© supports individuals in Nervous-System-Regulation and is therefore not recommended during pregnancy or with a medical history of heart disease, epilepsy, seizures, mental health disorders or diabetes. By participating, you confirm that none of these conditions apply to you.

If you have any health concerns or are unsure about your ability to participate, please consult with your healthcare provider before attending. Always listen to your body and take care of your well-being. If at any point you feel discomfort, please notify the facilitator immediately.

The check-in is opened 15 minutes prior to your special class. You are more than welcome to come in comfy clothes and enjoy a cup of herbal tea before or after your class.

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