12:30-14:00 Uhr

Shine into June: Vinyasa & Journaling with Tanith

Studio Prenzlauer Berg
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Shine into June: 

Starting fresh does not require waiting for anything, but the start of a new month is a great opportunity to reflect on our experiences and where we want to go. Yoga and journaling help us connect with ourselves and our inner compass. By taking a moment to reflect and tune in to our breath and body, we find a sense of grounding and mindfulness that allows us to be more present in our daily lives and interactions. This mindfulness enables us to radiate our inner light and kindness into the world. Let's take this opportunity to mindfully set a strong foundation for the month of June!

What to expect:

In this special, we will lay the foundation and energize ourselves to shine in June. The class will begin with reflection and setting an intention for the new month ahead. Afterwards, we will move through a heart-opening Vinyasa Flow, linking breath to movement to cultivate mindfulness and a deeper connection to ourselves. By the end of this session, you will have a renewed sense of self and be ready to shine your light in June.

  • Reflection and Intention Setting for June
  • Powerful, Heart-Opening Vinyasa Flow
  • Regenerating Shavasana

About your host: 

Tanith is an experienced Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for eleven years. She is passionate about the holistic practice of yoga - including breathwork, meditation, and journaling - and how it has changed her life for the better. Tanith also shares tips and her personal experiences on her Instagram account @sheloveseating.

In her classes, Tanith strives to create a truly holistic experience and a safe space for her students, incorporating a variety of techniques and cues to help them connect with their bodies and minds. Bringing in the element of journaling will deepen the practice of self-inquiry, creating more clarity in daily life and taking yoga off the mat.

Through her teaching, Tanith hopes to inspire others to discover the transformative power of yoga as a holistic concept and how it can be applied not only on the mat but also in daily life.

Good to know:

This special is suitable for anyone who has had first touchpoints with yoga, but no advanced yoga level is required. Adjustments will be given so everyone can practice. Please wear comfortable yoga clothes that allow you to move freely. Please bring your pen and paper or a notebook along. You are more than welcome to enjoy a tea or some refreshing lemon water before or after the class in the Hale.Now Lounge!

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