11. Mai 2024
17:30 - 19:00 Uhr

Jungle Dance EN

Studio Kreuzberg
2 Credits
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About Jungle Dance:

Jungle Dance is a primal movement to embody your most natural way of being. With the help of rhythmic music and guided instruction, you will be invited to let go of limiting beliefs, to move freely and intuitively in a creative and self-empowering way.

At the core of Jungle Dance is the idea that movement is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. By getting out of your head and into your body, you are able to release stress and tension, cultivate self-awareness, and connect with your deepest desires.

Jungle Dance is not about following a set of prescribed steps or poses, but rather about discovering your own unique movement and expression. Jungle Dance offers a safe and supportive environment for all levels and abilities to connect with themselves and others through the power of movement and community.

What to expect:
This 90-minute special class includes:

  • meditations for self-awareness
  • lots of dance and good music
  • ending with mantra chanting and time for sharing
  • a save environment and inviting atmosphere to move freely

Let's dance together, from limitation to liberation!

Suitable for:

Suitable for all people who would like to connect deeper with themselves while having fun through movement . Neither yoga nor previous dance experience is required.

About your host:

Marie Mittermeier is a 300 hours RYT certified yoga teacher, trained by Cecile Guyomard and has been teaching since 2021 with great passion, mainly Vinyasa Flow classes. Since her childhood she also loves free movement and has been dancing all her life.

The Jungle Dance Teacher Training in Costa Rica in January 2023 was the perfect complement for her to combine her love for yoga and dance. Grateful to have been able to learn so much for herself from Rachel Wainwright, founder of Jungle Dance, she now wants to share this practice with the Berlin/ Hale.Now community.

For Marie it is important to create a space in her classes where everyone feels seen and safe, so that a journey of self-discovery is possible for each participant individually. She firmly believes that everything we need for our own healing lies deep within us. Therefore, she sees building an honest and appreciative connection to oneself as the key to true self-development and lasting happiness.

Good to know:

Please feel free to wear relaxing, comfortable clothes in which you feel comfortable- it can be fitted or loose. The check-in is open 15 minutes before class and you are more than welcome to enjoy a cup of tea beforewards!

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